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“Makes Mondays Better”: A Kids’ Eye View Of Trinity Youth Theatre Company

“Makes Mondays Better”: A Kids’ Eye View Of Trinity Youth Theatre Company Click to enlarge

26 Aug 2016

Members of TYTC (Trinity Youth Theatre Company) tell us in their own words why the youth group is so much fun and why you should be involved!

As a former member of Trinity Youth Theatre Company, I have fond memories of energetic warm-ups, creative group games, and performing some of my first scenes in front of an audience. But as that was aeons ago now, I thought the reader deserved a more up-to-date report on what goes on every Monday afternoon at Trinity Theatre, so I asked some experts.

“Friendly, dazzling, and special,” were the words Maya R, 11, chose when I asked her to describe TYTC. She is in the ‘Amazons’ group, in which they are currently working on improvisation.

“We have one narrator, and the rest of us have no idea what they’re going to say. It’s all about thinking on the spot, and learning what to do if something unexpected happens on stage.” Maya also mentioned how her favourite thing about Youth Theatre is the “fun warm-up games,” and how she’d enjoyed the Christmas production of ‘Oliver’.

“My favourite thing is the really friendly atmosphere,” says Maia W, 15, in the ‘Athenians’ group. She tells me about the play they’re currently working on, ‘Blackout’: “we’re turning it into a soundscape for the audience.”

“It’s a pretty hard-hitting play,” adds Joe, 15, also in the ‘Athenians’ group. “It’s great to learn new techniques at TYTC that are more in-depth and fun than drama at school might be.” Joe was involved in last year’s TYTC summer school, a production of ‘Fame’ in which he played Tyrone Jackson, while Maia W is looking forward to being a part of this year’s ‘Bugsy Malone’.

Finally, I spoke to Juliette, 17, in the ‘Shadows’ group. “We do something different each week; sessions on improvisation, mime, puppetry and masks. It’s a really wide range of stuff, but we get given the freedom to say what areas we want to explore in more depth.” She also mentioned how close her Youth Theatre group has become, saying, “the group of people I get to see every week,” is one of her favourite parts of TYTC.

And if you are thinking of joining:

“It’s really good fun, there are loads of amazing people and the teachers and helpers are really nice!” – Maya R

“TYTC is great fun and worthwhile.” – Maia W

“Come along, have some fun, do some drama!” – Joe

“We love having new people join... plus they’d get to be in an environment where everyone loves drama and just being a bit weird as much as they do!”

And, as a final few words, in summary:

“Open. Enjoyable. Creative.” –Joe

“Theatre gone crazy!” –Juliette

“Makes Mondays better.” –Maia W


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