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Cat Vezmar: Deep In To The Unknown


  • Category: Gallery

Full Description

Local artist Cat Vezmar’s exhibition Deep in to the unknown is a journey of self- discovery, one of deep healing, hope and overcoming hardship through art and creativity. Cat’s works speak of a period of her life of constantly changing tides, uncertainty and overwhelming obstacles.

At the beginning of this journey, she had no idea how artistic expression would shape her recovery, how it would present a path for her to heal, to uncover depths of herself she had never known. The themes of this exhibition drift, plunge and dive through connections to the sea, swim deep into the creative consciousness and unleash colour with freedom of expression, not bound by one medium.

Cat hopes to share her journey of chronic illness through poetry and mixed media in this exhibition and to spread awareness of the often hidden world of chronic illnesses within the local community and beyond. Whilst this exhibition encourages the viewer to listen, Cat’s hope is that this will also reach out to the great many like her still struggling to be heard. Cat’s belief is that, despite these frustrating, disorientating times, no one can take creativity from us, and indeed some of her best works were borne of her darkest times along this journey.

Cat has always been a lover of the outdoors, and nature, and has especially always been drawn to the sea. Whilst her illness prevented her from being able to physically reach the sea, she found she could bring the sea to her. From her bed, she dreamed of the waves, of all the adventures she had taken beside and within them, and how she longed to be reunited with the sea again. For Cat, knowing that her sea was still there, waiting for her return, her recovery, was one of great solace.

Cat’s exhibition expresses the motto that art in itself can be the snatches of air we are able to take at the surface. It is our lifeline, our oxygen, our route back to ourselves. On her own personal journey, art came at a time when she needed connecting to the landscapes she longed to walk through again, as well as giving a sense that she could articulate what was happening. Seeing a wiped-clean palette in front of her and a splashed canvas gave her a sense of healing. Perhaps there was something more tangible, tactile, in the splashing, mixing and brush strokes of painting, something more real that her body could do without fear- it allowed her energy to flow freely, suddenly she was dancing through shape and texture that had only previously been in her mind.

This exhibit offers visitors a chance to view this turbulent, mysterious ocean from the shore: to connect with the pieces and perhaps see opportunities for creative expression, and healing in their own lives, at whatever juncture.

Dates & Times

  • Date: Thu 6 Oct 2022Time:  10:00
  • Date: Fri 7 Oct 2022Time:  10:00
  • Date: Sat 8 Oct 2022Time:  10:00
  • Date: Mon 10 Oct 2022Time:  10:00
  • Date: Tue 11 Oct 2022Time:  10:00
  • Date: Wed 12 Oct 2022Time:  10:00
  • Date: Thu 13 Oct 2022Time:  10:00
  • Date: Fri 14 Oct 2022Time:  10:00
  • Date: Sat 15 Oct 2022Time:  10:00


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