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Life Drawing Workshop

Wednesdays, 7.30pm – 9.30pm at Trinity Theatre

In these sessions, local artist Tom Petuil guides participants through the basics of drawing the human figure, developing skills in anatomy, light and line and encouraging you to experiment. Relax and enjoy the process of focussing on the subject, having a moment of calm whilst gaining confidence in your drawing.

Whether a complete beginner or an experienced artist, sessions are open to all skill levels. Meet new people, learn new skills and unwind in these friendly sessions.

Sessions are split into two types: Fundamentals and Free Draw.

In the Fundamentals sessions, participants are taught the basics and beginner steps of the creative process, learning to work with shapes, how to observe the figure/objects in front of you and retrain your eye, control your line quality, the tools and materials you will be using and tips and tricks to not only produce great work but enjoy the process. The Fundamentals sessions are perfect for beginners or advanced artists looking to refresh the basics.

Free Draw is a space for all artists, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist. Free Draw is a great place to come and hone your skills. With minimal tutoring and longer poses, it’s a great session to relax, unwind, and immerse yourself in the creative process.

Basic materials will be provided for every session but you are more than welcome to bring your own.

Upcoming Sessions

  • Wednesday 20 April – PORTRAITURE (Fundamentals) – Learning how to tackle to complexities of drawing the human face and putting certain techniques into practice. (Cancelled)
  • Wednesday 27 April – PORTRAITURE (Free Draw) – In this session, the theme focus will be on fabrics and materials, with minimal tutoring but longer poses, perfect for people refining their skills and techniques.
  • Wednesday 4 May – GESTURE DRAWING (Fundamentals) – Figure Drawing 101. This is the first session of the fundamentals. In gesture drawing, we will be covering the materials used, how to control your pencil/pen and capturing the movement and fluidity of the figure whilst getting you comfortable and familiar with the drawing process.
  • Wednesday 11 May – FREE DRAW – In this session, the theme focus will be on fabrics and materials, with minimal tutoring but longer poses, perfect for people refining their skills and techniques.
  • Wednesday 18 May – SHAPE BUILDING (Fundamentals) – In this session, you will be learning how to break down the figure into its basic forms by working with shapes, creating the foundations and construction lines used to give form to your image.

Any questions? Please send Katie an email.

A photo of Tom Petueil smiling

About Tom Peteuil, the workshop leader

Tom studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Brighton City College and Concept Art and 3D Modelling/Virtual Sculpting at Escape Studios London.

Specialising in traditional illustration and 3D conceptual design, Tom is a Creature Artist, focusing on anatomy and taking inspiration from the natural world and fantasy.

Recent work includes 3D design of a commercial product for Gems at Work, logo and brand design for eco blogger, Kinder Earth and illustrations, concepts and logos for local theatre companies, Rust & Stardust and C & C Productions.

“Life drawing teaches you to focus and loosen yourself up. It trains your hand-eye coordination and helps you understand the world around you. It is also a wonderful way to relax!”

Dates & Times

  • Date: Wed 18 May 2022Time: 19:30Book Now


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