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Northanger Abbey


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Full Description

Catherine Morland has grown up in the country, with only sensational novels and pop culture to inform her of life beyond the village. Leaving home for the first time, she expects brooding heroes, ruthless bandits and glorious adventures to await her. They dont. After all, reality is more complicated. Catherine discovers that friends can hurt, heroes arent always nice, and evil is sometimes just a point of view. How can real people be understood when they say one thing and mean another? In Bath and then Northanger Abbey, Catherine must learn how to navigate between what is real about love, friendship and strange men… and what is not. Cyphers (Three Musketeers, Great Expectations) present a timeless adaptation of Jane Austens novel about growing up and getting it all wrong with their accessible style of multi-roling casts and fast-paced action. “Remarkably inventive” ???? London Theatre “Absolutely charming” A Younger Theatre Age guidance: the production retains a lot of Austens original narration, which may be difficult for children younger than 12.

Dates & Times

  • Date: 09 / 05 / 19Time: 19:30Book Now


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