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NOT The Three Musketeers


  • Category: Theatre

Full Description

NOT The Three Musketeers


The World’s most famous swordsmen… are not in this show. Christmas 2022 at Trinity promises to be a real swashbuckling treat.

The Three Musketeers are lost in a mysterious shipwreck on a routine mission across the English Channel. So, their moronic but trusty servants do the only sensible thing they can – don the Musketeers uniform and set off for London to do their master’s bidding.

Meanwhile, the dastardly pairing of Richelieu and Milady have infiltrated King James’ Palace and plan to bring down the English crown forever.

Will our intrepid heroes maintain their façade and save the day? Will they defeat the odds? Will they even figure out which end of the sword to use?

Don’t miss this hilarious new comedy for all the family from some of Britain’s brightest funny bones. Not the Three Musketeers promises rousing music, raucous laughter, perilous adventure and lots of terrible sword fighting.

Co-writer Jack Michael Stacey says of the production “I can’t wait to bring this wild and hilarious show to life… I’ve never worked with swords before, but I’ll take a stab at it.

Whilst writing partner Dannie Harris says, “I am thrilled to be taking on the career defining role of D’Artagnan…( ‘s servant). Okay, not thrilled, but still, at least I get to wear the tabard.”

Rounding off the writing team are Matthew Howell and our very own Sean Turner who’ll also direct. Howell said “I am so excited to be playing a Musketeer, I’ve spent the past eighteen months learning French…” He cried when we told him the production was in English.


Not the Three Musketeers

Dates & Times

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