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Trinity Youth Theatre presents J.M. Barrie’s original stage play of a modern fairytale about Wendy Darling, her two brothers, and their adventures with Peter Pan: a mischievous, flying boy who will not grow up. Together they fly from their nursery to the dreamlike Neverland inhabited by a gang of Lost Boys, fairies, mermaids, and the fierce princess Tiger Lily and her tribe of natives.

Casting a dark shadow over the magical island is the sinister Captain Hook who, alongside his band of pirates, has sworn revenge on Peter Pan for cutting off his hand. The longer Wendy and her brothers spend in the Neverland and the more adventures they have, the more they realise they are forgetting their home. But before they can return, the pirates swoop in, taking them back to their ship as hostages…

An amateur performance by a talented cast of young people from Trinity Youth Theatre.

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Trinity Youth Theatre

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Baldwins Travel

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