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  • Category: Film

Full Description

This film is programmed by the Trinity Young Film Programmers (YFP) and is the first part of Trinity YFP “Summer of Sound”.


‘Rocketman’ tells the true fantasy that is the life of Sir Elton John. The film sees Taron Egerton take on the role of Reginald Dwight as he transforms into the superstar of Elton John, capturing the struggles of this icon from addiction to heartache. From meeting lyricist Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell) to his tense relationship with his mother (Bryce Dallas Howard), this complex emotional journey through the best of Elton’s musical catalogue takes a unique approach to the musician’s biopic.


‘A brilliantly realized impressionistic musical, using selections from John’s incomparable body of work with lyricist Bernie Taupin to tell the composer’s story.’ Alex Biese, Asbury Park Press


Part fantasy, part gritty drama, part dazzling showcase’ Pete Hammond, Deadline


We selected ‘Rocketman’ as the first film of our ‘Summer of Sound’ as we thought its use and exploration of Elton John’s musical catalogue through the highs and lows of his life add a sort of beautiful melancholy to our season. Summer itself can have this incredible, freeing energy too it but also has the capacity to bring out our other emotions just as much. Particularly as it can bring about great times of change for some, such as those leaving home for the first time or starting a new stage of their education. Furthermore, the way in which it merges itself with the style of stage musicals through some of its numbers creates a unique viewing experience to kick off the season.


‘What I personally love about “Rocketman” is the way Fletcher visually explores internal emotion through the choreography of musical numbers, such as the performance of “Crocodile Rock”, based on Elton’s accounts’ – Lizzie, Young Film Programmer Member

Runtime: 121 mins

Dates & Times

  • Date: Wed 1 Jun 2022Time:  19:00Book Now


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