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Full Description

Available for streaming from Friday 30 April to Sunday 16 May

by Vivienne Franzmann
Part of National Theatre Connections

Grace has something growing inside her. She doesn’t know what it is, but she knows it’s not a baby.

It expands in her body. It starts in her stomach, but quickly outgrows that, until eventually it takes over the entirety of her insides. It has claws. She feels them. Does it have teeth, skin, and hair as well, or is that feathers, or spikes she can feel, butting up against her organs? What is it? It makes a noise, like a lizard or a snake. No one must know about it. She has to keep its presence, its possession of her, concealed. She pulls away from her friends. She refuses to speak in case The It is heard. Then the It tries to escape from her body. She can’t let that happen.

She cuts an isolated weird figure at school, trying to live her life ‘normally; but battling to keep The It inside of her. But she can’t contain it forever, sooner or later something’s got to give…

Presented in the style of a direct to camera documentary, this is a darkly comic state of the nation play exploring adolescent mental health and the rage within.


How to Access the Digital Performance

  • You will be emailed a PDF eTicket when you book which contains a link to the show. This link will go live on Sunday 2 May at 5pm (you may need to refresh the page after this time)
  • Click on the link to be taken to the stream and access it at any point. It will be available until Sunday 16 May
  • You can view this YouTube stream on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart TV, games console or phone. If you want to watch on your smart TV, games console, or similar device, you may need to cast the video from your phone, tablet or desktop to that device. Please see your manufacturers’ guide on how to do this
  • If you have any questions, please email Jason at Trinity Youth Theatre


Suitable for ages 12+
A ticket is valid for each device used.
Running time: Approximately 1 hour


Kindly supported by Royal Victoria Place, Tunbridge Wells.

Dates & Times

  • Date: 16 / 05 / 21Time: 17:00Book Now


Trinity Theatre is accessible to wheelchair users and other visitors who need to avoid stairs. For more information click here or the link below: