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The Prince and the Pauper


  • Category: Theatre

Full Description

As King Henry VIII lays on his death bed, his son Edward is reluctant to face the trials of kingship whilst in Pudding Lane an impoverished Tom Canty dreams of a better life. A chance encounter between the two reveals that they look almost identical. Let the farce begin! Jemma Kennedy’s adaptation brings Mark Twain’s classic story storming into vibrant multicolour life.

“After the last couple of years, I wanted to do a show that is full of laughter, adventure and wonderful music to bring us all back together in the best way I know how – joyful theatre!”

Sean Turner – Artistic Director, Trinity Theatre

Dates & Times

  • Date: Wed 8 Dec 2021Time: 19:30Book Now
  • Date: Thu 9 Dec 2021Time: 13:00Book Now
  • Date: Thu 9 Dec 2021Time: 19:30Book Now
  • Date: Fri 10 Dec 2021Time: 19:30Book Now
  • Date: Sat 11 Dec 2021Time: 14:30Book Now
  • Date: Sat 11 Dec 2021Time: 19:30Book Now
  • Date: Sun 12 Dec 2021Time: 13:30Book Now
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  • Date: Thu 16 Dec 2021Time: 19:30Book Now
  • Date: Fri 17 Dec 2021Time: 13:00Book Now
  • Date: Fri 17 Dec 2021Time: 19:30Book Now
  • Date: Sat 18 Dec 2021Time: 13:30Book Now
  • Date: Sat 18 Dec 2021Time: 17:30Book Now
  • Date: Sun 19 Dec 2021Time: 13:30Book Now
  • Date: Sun 19 Dec 2021Time: 17:30Book Now
  • Date: Tue 21 Dec 2021Time: 14:30Book Now
  • Date: Tue 21 Dec 2021Time: 19:30Book Now
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