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Three Tall Women


  • Category: Theatre

Full Description

Edward Albees multi-award winningThree Tall Women is a startlingand provocative portrayal of a wealthywidow looking back on her life in anattempt to solve its riddlesa journey that transports herto a landscape of reflection wheregenerations collide and time vanishes. Albees dialogue is chargedwith wit, pain and laughter and his observations tell us about forgiveness, reconciliation andour own fates. But it is his probing portrait of the three women that reveal Albees genius.They lay bare the truths of our lives how we live, how we love, what we settle for and howwe die. Worthy of mention in the same breath as Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and A DelicateBalance, Three Tall Women earned Albee his third and most deserved Pulitzer Prize,as well as the Evening Standard and Critics Circle awards among others. In 2018, in hertriumphant return to the Broadway stage, Glenda Jackson was awarded a Tony award forBest Actress. Albee is at his best when he is pricking our complacency and poking a hole in the habit of “putting on a happy face” Three Tall Women does both marvellously and is a ferociouslycompelling, towering work by a towering playwright not to be missed! This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.

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