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Young Film Programmers: Howl's Moving Castle


  • Category: Film

Full Description

This film is one of the first cinema screenings programmed by Keeping It Reel, a local Young Film Programmers group based at Trinity Theatre. Through the films we show, we hope to encourage young people to expand their film interests, showcasing films from varying countries, genres, and time periods.

Against the backdrop of a fierce war, Howl’s Moving Castle sees 18-year-old hatter Sophie (Emily Mortimer, Jean Simmons) cursed by the Witch of the Waste (Lauren Bacall) into the body of an old woman. Shame leads her into the hills and to the strange castle of the young wizard Howl (Christian Bale). The heart of the castle’s magic is Calcifer (Billy Crystal), a fire demon bound to Howl, who holds the promise of breaking Sophie’s curse in return for his freedom. However, as a romance blossoms between Howl and Sophie, she must go on a journey of self-acceptance and maturity. An instant classic from Hayao Miyazaki, this Academy Award nominated fantastical story explores themes of war, age and love through the universal art of animation.

“A richly inventive and enchanting delight” – New Yorker;

Sophie, in both her incarnations, joins an impressive sisterhood of Miyazaki heroines, whose version of girl power presents a potent alternative to the mini-machismo that dominates American juvenile entertainment. Not that children are the only viewers likely to be haunted and beguiled by Howl’s Moving Castle – all that is needed are open eyes and an open heart– Dana Stevens, The New York Times;

“The tireless volley of ideas and inventions make this a delight that should connect with kids and adults” – David Rooney, Variety.

Young Film Programmers: Howl’s Moving Castle (U) · 119mins · Hayao Miyazaki · English Dubbed (Japanese)


Dates & Times

  • Date: Wed 27 Oct 2021Time: 19:00Book Now


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