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Felicia de Angeli · International Women’s Day 2021 Staff Highlight

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Here at Trinity, we’ve grown a working ensemble to shout about, and we’re firm believers in having cast members that inspire and drive us.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re going to be highlighting a number of our incredibly talented staff throughout the day:

Name and position at Trinity?

Felicia de Angeli, Cinema Programmer.

Who is your biggest role model?

This is a difficult one because so many people have inspired and influenced me. I have always admired Sandi Toksvig for her intelligence, humour, guts and ability to be true to herself, and so for me is someone I have always looked up to. (Also being on the short side myself, I can’t help but adore how much she embraces that part of her physical self!)

Marianne Elliot is someone who really inspires me. There is little I love more than being in a rehearsal room and directing, and so looking at Marianne’s work and what she has achieved lights a fire in me. Her visual language leaves me constantly in awe of her skills and serves as a constant reminder about why theatre makes me feel alive.

Two friends I met at secondary school, Teona and Emily, are also forever people that I will look up to. They have always both shown so much resilience, strength, confidence, intelligence, humour, kindness and through all that, have always been truer than true to themselves. I have always felt exceptionally lucky to have such brilliant humans in my life and I strive to be even half the person they both are.

What’s your favourite aspect of working at Trinity?

For me, it is our local community which makes working at Trinity so special. I love the fact that I know my work ultimately goes towards helping members of the community of all ages and all backgrounds to engage with and experience the arts. When I get to see, first-hand, people really enjoying themselves whilst at Trinity, it doesn’t get much better than that. I’ll always remember seeing a packed auditorium filled with primary school children all clapping and singing along to a film screening; the pure joy and positive energy they exuded was just incredible.

How would the rest of #TeamTrinity describe you? 

I’d like to think they would describe me as organised, helpful, always willing to learn and passionate.

What’s the one thing our Trinity audience might not know about you?

There are probably lots of things – that is one of the joys of being in admin, you don’t often have to be in the limelight! One thing that might be a surprise is that I have been involved with three separate Edinburgh Fringe Productions, on three consecutive years – once as a producer, once as a performer and once as a writer and director. I have been involved with theatre productions since the age of three and honestly, I just love it.

How have you been keeping busy through lockdown?

As Cinema Programmer, I’ll be honest, life pre Covid could be very hectic, and so I took lockdown as a chance to slow life down a bit. I have loved spending more time cooking and getting in touch with my Italian roots but have also enjoyed having time to spend on creative projects. I wrote a pilot for an idea I had which I was then able to turn into a radio play by recording over Zoom and teaching myself some basic sound editing skills. It was a challenge but was amazing to work with such a talented cast and I’m proud of what we created.

What is the working highlight from your time at Trinity?

As a result of lockdown, I was given the chance to program our Autumn Cinema Season due to my background with film. Although it was obviously cut short due to lockdown, seeing events I had picked and curated up on the website and hearing positive feedback from staff and audiences alike, was an incredibly proud moment for me.