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Sponsor a Seat or Step

‘Sponsor a Seat or Step’ is part of our survival campaign.

Trinity’s mission is to enrich the lives of our community through shared artistic experiences.  In addition to the events held in our auditorium, we support the community by doing the following:

  • Increasing the wellbeing of Senior Citizens and combat loneliness and isolation.
  • Providing a safe space for Youth Activities and develop new skills through our workshops.
  • Becoming a lead community use space in Tunbridge Wells.
  • Improving opportunities and access to events for lower-income families.


“Hugo and I are very pleased to be able to help Trinity by Sponsoring A Step. I have been involved in drama since moving to Tunbridge Wells in 1955 and remember the days of bucket rattling — well we had to save Trinity from demolition – you name it we did it! Trinity’s strength is in its community, a collection of people coming together for a common purpose.” Margaret & Hugo, Box Office Volunteers


As a charity, Trinity needs to raise funds on an on-going basis to continue delivering on this mission.  We are promoting various initiatives to create more sustainable funding.  Your generosity WILL make a difference and be intrinsic to our survival.  It is the perfect way to mark a significant anniversary, special birthday or remember a someone who loved the theatre.


We offer the following sponsorship opportunities:

Sponsor a Step ● £250

Sponsor a Seat ● £500


This is a wonderful opportunity to become a part of both the history and vibrant future of Trinity Theatre.

In recognition of your donation, a plaque engraved with your name or dedication will be placed on the back of your chosen seat(s) or a heritage approved signwriters graphic for your chosen step.  You will receive a personalised thank from us, a photo of the plaque and an opportunity to see it in situ once the plaque has been affixed.


Please contact for further information or to arrange a call.


Please note the following about the sponsorship of a Seat or Step.

  • Sponsoring a seat or step lasts for 10 years.
  • If someone else request the same seat or step, we will allocate on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Sponsoring a seat does not guarantee any special seat allocation when booking tickets for shows.


· Community Space ·

The building will have a new, distinct entrance, and a light and airy foyer space. We want to create a welcoming, inviting and attractive space that is accessible to all. With a newly landscaped garden, and improvements to signage, toilets, and facilities, we will greatly enhance the experience of a visit to Trinity for all our audiences and visitors. We will be able to offer more to community groups, and a wider range of events, activities, and creative programmes.

· The Clocktower ·

We are opening up our building to reveal Trinity’s hidden spaces. The aim is for the clocktower to become a heritage attraction in the town, with ascending floors dedicated to the history of Trinity, architect Decimus Burton, finishing with a 360° viewing platform from one of the highest point in Tunbridge Wells. Our project will be part of the momentum to regenerate Tunbridge Wells town centre, enabling us to work with local people to establish a new heritage destination, attracting new audiences and volunteers. Our ambition is to deliver an innovative range of heritage activities and engagement for Tunbridge Wells as a heritage destination.

Inspire. Create. Educate. Transforming our community through the arts.