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Who is Henry VIII? Well what do you want to know? 👑

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Who is Henry VIII? Well what do you want to know?

You’ve probably learnt about him over the years, he is the most famous monarch in the history of the world after all!

He invented tennis, wrote Greensleeves, loves to hunt almost as much as he loves to eat and even managed to change England’s religion. His young son Edward is his pride and joy but lord forbid he should ever know that.

Here we find him towards the end of his life where he’s struggling to come to terms with his impending death almost as much as he is struggles to digest his third dinner.

A man of great stature, Henry is also a man of great emotion.

Henry The: 8
Wives: 6
Birth year: 1491
Hygiene: 🤢 (all Tudors smell)

Character Rating 8/10 (it had to be, right!?)

Costume Designer: Tara Usher

Join Henry and the rest of the cast for some festive family fun in The Prince and the Pauper, running through December and into January!