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Who is Ma Canty? Ah, well let us tell you… 👑

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Who is Ma Canty?

You’d be amazed at the delicious things she can do with an onion, a crust of bread and a couple of old spuds…

Ma walked away from a comfortable life as the daughter of a merchant when she met a young man called John and fell in love. Who could blame her? He was as handsome as they come!

Over the years, John changed beyond all recognition and became both erratic and abusive until Ma found herself all but alone and trapped in a life of poverty. She doesn’t regret her choices though, if things had been different she would never have her two bonny children, Tom and Bet.

Children: 2
Making ends meet: 11/10
Hygiene: 🤢 (all Tudors smell)

Character Rating 8/10

Costume Designer: Tara Usher

Join Ma and the rest of the cast for some festive family fun in The Prince and the Pauper, running through December and into January!