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Who is Miles Hendon? A hero, that’s who! 👑

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Who is Miles Hendon? A hero, that’s who!

A self-made man, known across the country for his good deeds, he fights for what he thinks is right, rather than for the crown or any political belief.

He’s wound up in trouble a few times, but now he’s free and determined to get back to the woman he loves, the lovely Lady Edith, for whom the years behind bars have only made his heart grow stronger.

Without doubt, Miles is truly a selfless hero of the people.

Courage: 9
Years spent in a Turkish prison: 7
Hygiene: 🤢 (all Tudors smell)

Character Rating 8/10

Costume Designer: Tara Usher

Join Miles and the rest of the cast for some festive family fun in The Prince and the Pauper, running through December and into January!