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Why Tunbridge Wells Needs Trinity Theatre.

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· Why Tunbridge Wells Needs Trinity Theatre · 

COVID has taken its toll on Tunbridge Wells.

We feel that we have a deeper connection to the community and a sense of purpose that reaches far beyond that of a traditional local theatre. Our small band of non-furloughed staff and a handful of volunteers, including Hugo (defender of lavender, fighter of fly-tippers), managed to keep the garden gates open and our much-loved Kitchen & Bar running through July and August.

We forged ahead with, well planned and attended, small post-lockdown events turning Trinity into a local leader making national and local news in the process. But now we are in the biggest fight for survival in our 38-year history. With the furlough scheme soon to end and the decision on the recent Arts Council Grant still pending, we ask for help from the very community we serve.

Our fundraising message goes beyond the saving of our entertainment venue itself, onwards, to try and improve the health and wellbeing of Tunbridge Wells post-lockdown with our eyes firmly on the future. We know we make a difference to lives through our social events, morning groups and many outreach activities. Most recently, we have focused on working with schools, care homes and community groups to positively benefit people’s development, wellbeing, self-esteem and mental health.

“We want people to know that we are more than a place to watch comedy or film or enjoy great theatre and music! We believe there is a real role for us to play out in the community, it’s about supporting both our younger and older population, getting them involved in life-enhancing activities – all with a sense of fun. Arts can help reduce anxiety, aid recovery, save money on health and social care and bring people of  all ages and backgrounds together.” Jocelyn Cheek, Community & Visual Arts Manager



  • To increase the wellbeing of Senior citizens and combat loneliness and isolation of individuals in Tunbridge Wells.
  • Be a safe place for Youth Activity and development and encourage new skills through our workshops
  • Become a leading community use space in Tunbridge Wells
  • Increase opportunities and access to events for lower-income families

“Our community did a phenomenal task of saving Holy Trinity from destruction in the 1980s, creating a vibrant artistic space

for the residents of Tunbridge Wells and beyond. Currently, the opportunity to create revenue and be self supporting is severely restricted; we have  gone from 291auditorium seats to 71 overnight.  In 2020 we need to raise £150,000 in donations to survive this crisis.” Alex Green, CEO

The covid crisis and social distancing will impact us in many ways. We are doing everything we can to secure our future, but we need your help to get through this global crisis. Your donation WILL make a difference and could be intrinsic to our mid-term survival.

· Please join Hugo, Margaret and others ·