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Click the headings below for further information. Can’t find the answer you were looking for? Contact us at enquiries@trinitytheatre.net

When is the Box Office open?

Monday 10.00am  –  3.00pm
Tuesday 10.00am  –  3.00pm
Wednesday 10.00am  –  3.00pm
Thursday 10.00am  –  3.00pm
Friday 10.00am  –  3.00pm
Saturday 10.00am  –  3.00pm
Sunday*  Open from 1 hour before performances


How can I book tickets and what are the costs?

You can book tickets online 24/7, and over the telephone and in person during Box Office opening hours. There is a booking fee of £2 per transaction for bookings made online or over the telephone. Friends of Trinity pay no booking fees.


Can tickets be reserved to be paid for on arrival?

Tickets need to be paid for in advance. However, the Box Office may be able to reserve tickets for you for a short period if, for example, you are arranging a group booking.


Why do you charge a £2 booking fee over the phone and online?

While we know that booking fees are not popular, we need this income to support our website and ticketing system. We only receive a small proportion of the ticket income and if we were to include this in the ticket price it would result in a disproportionate increase. To avoid booking fees why not become a Friend of Trinity?


I have booked to see a show or a film. Can I return my ticket?

We are unable to give a refund unless a performance is cancelled. Should a performance be sold out and you are unable to attend then we will be happy to attempt to resell your ticket. There is no charge for this service.


What happens if I am late for a performance?

In most cases, we are able to admit latecomers, although we may ask you to wait until a suitable break in the performance. Please be aware that if you cannot be admitted due to lateness, we are unable to give any refunds, exchanges or credit vouchers.

How do I purchase gift vouchers?

Trinity gift vouchers can be purchased via our Box Office – at the moment they cannot be purchased online.


How can I use a film voucher?

Trinity film vouchers can only be redeemed in person at our Box Office.


I have a Trinity gift voucher or credit note. How can I redeem this?

If you have a Trinity voucher or credit note you can redeem this in person or over the telephone using the unique code on the voucher. You can also enter the code when checking out online. At the moment online you are only able to use your voucher or credit note if it either equals or exceeds the amount of your purchase. We hope to arrange with our ticketing system provider for you to be able to use these for part- payment online in the future.


Why do you not accept national and other theatre tokens?

There are significant costs associated with these schemes and we are not able to participate at present.

Why do I have to have an online account with you?

In order to purchase tickets securely online we need your details and email address. You are able to check out online as a guest without saving your personal information. We hope, however, that you will want to book with us more than once and if you have an account it will save you having to input your details each time you book.

What do I do if I cannot login to my account?

If you cannot login to your account you can either request a password reminder online or call the Box Office and they will be able to send one to you.

How do I renew my Friends of Trinity membership?

You can renew your Friends of Trinity membership at any time either online or via our Box Office. If for any reason you need to move from a Joint to a Single Friend, or vice versa, and you wish to renew early, you will need to contact our Box Office.


How do I purchase Friends price tickets online?

All you need to do is ensure that you are logged on to your account on our website, choose your seats, and then select Friends from the drop-down menu.


I have a Joint Friend membership – can I register two emails to this account?

Only one email and one postal address can be registered to each account.


How do I use my rewards to purchase tickets?

You can use your rewards at our Box Office for either full or part-payment of any purchase. At the moment online, you can only use your rewards if they equal or exceed the amount of your purchase. We hope to arrange with our ticketing system provider for you to be able to use these for part-payment online in the future.

At Trinity we are committed to making our building and our performances as accessible as possible for all.

How do I purchase wheelchair seats?

To purchase wheelchair tickets you need to contact the Box Office.


Do you make Personal Assistant (Carer) tickets available?

If you contact the Box Office we will be happy to arrange Personal Assistant tickets.


I don’t need a wheelchair, but I have mobility issues. How accessible is the

Our auditorium is raked from Row A which is on the same level as the foyer. If you have mobility issues we would suggest that you book Row A.


Do you have a Hearing Loop?

Yes, we have an infra-red hearing system – please make yourself known to the Front of House team who will be able to assist you. For best reception please avoid Row L in the stalls and Rows P and R in the balcony.


Do you allow Guide and Assistance Dogs?

Yes, we do. Please make yourself known to our Front of House team who will assist you. We are not able to allow dogs that are not either Guide Dogs or Assistance Dogs into the auditorium, but they are welcome in the foyer area.


What is your Senior Cinema?

Our Senior Cinema is an initiative that we have developed with the Good Neighbour Project and is aimed at combating social isolation. These are film screenings that take place occasionally on a Monday morning and are generally “classic” films. The house lights are not completely dimmed, the volume is slightly higher than normal and there is a 15-minute interval. They are open to members of the public but please be aware that these will be slightly different from our normal screenings.

Children and young people are the audiences of the future and at Trinity we are committed to encouraging and enabling them to attend our screenings.

What age qualifies someone for a child’s ticket?

Our children’s tickets are available for those up to and including the age of 15.


Up to what age is a baby allowed to sit on a parent’s lap without a ticket?

Up to the age of 12 months a baby is allowed to sit on a parent’s lap without a ticket. But please spare a thought for other audience members. If your baby grows unsettled, please step outside for a moment until they’ve calmed down. You might also wish to ensure that you are seated at the end of a row.


Up to what age is a child allowed to attend a performance or screening
 unaccompanied by an adult?

Children aged 12 and under always need to be supervised in the auditorium for both live shows and films. In respect of film screenings, they must be accompanied when the certificate is 12A. Children aged between 13 and 15 are welcome to attend screenings of films that have a certificate of U and 12A unaccompanied.


What are Family Tickets and why are they not available for every show?

Family Tickets are made available from time to time by visiting theatre companies and they are for two adults and two children. This is a choice made by the visiting company.


Why do you not have a Family Ticket for the Christmas show?

In order to give our customers the most choice and flexibility, we have decided to make our pricing transparent so that you can choose the number of tickets for children or adults you wish to buy.


What are your Parents and Babies screenings?

These are occasional screenings – normally on a Tuesday at 10:30am, specifically aimed at parents with babies up to 12 months. In order to comply with licensing regulations you will need to register with our Box Office. These screenings have the volume slightly lower than normal and our house lights are never completely turned off. The screenings are only available to parents with children under 12 months.