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Theatre Has Not Stopped in Tunbridge Wells – Trinity Youth Theatre Hasn’t Been Using The Latest Lockdown to Rest on its Laurels.

All, Trinity Youth Theatre

Theatre has not stopped in Tunbridge Wells. Currently running online rehearsals for their upcoming National Theatre Connections production, ‘The IT’, Trinity Youth Theatre hasn’t been using the latest lockdown measures to rest on its laurels of past success. With 24 young people contributing animations, soundscapes and virtual performances, the show revolves around teenage mental health, and a dramatherapist is even joining some of their sessions to provide some much-needed wellbeing support.

Saved from destruction in the 1970s by the very community that it now cultivates, Trinity continues to ensure the retention of the incredibly deep-rooted connection to the community and has blossomed into a social entity, much more than a place to watch great theatre, comedy, film and music, that believes in supporting both the younger and older population in both life-enhancing and life-changing activities – all with a sense of fun.

With 2021’s Backstage Youth Theatre programme now open for applications, they’re readying themselves to provide a mixture of online and in-person workshops in stage management, together with costume, sound, light and set design for their latest ensemble of Kent’s budding stage hands, providing them with first-hand experience of working on a range of shows, as well as theatre trips (when it’s safe to do so) and Q&A sessions with industry professionals.

“Taking part in the Backstage Youth Theatre has heightened my interest in technical theatre, particularly stage management, and it’s been great fun to take part in productions, and meet some amazing friends too!” Nathan Friend, Backstage Youth Theatre member 2018-21 & Love Where You Live’s Young Volunteer of the Year 2020.

COVID has taken its toll on the culture usually so vibrant in Tunbridge Wells, and whilst Trinity has kept the community’s cultural light on, with a small number of staff and a handful of volunteers doing what they can to turn the intimate heritage site into a regional industry leader during this period of minimal activity, it is now in the midst of its biggest fight for survival in its 38-year history and is asking for your support with a fundraising message that goes beyond simply saving the theatre, but working to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community as we venture ever closer back to normality.

Aiding the theatre itself and, most importantly, those who experience the truly invaluable wider wellbeing and social benefits, please donate today: or email to discuss how you can support Trinity through Sponsoring a Seat or a Step.